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National Student Money Week – Shopping

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National Student Money Week is a UK wide event design to help you make your money go further. Each day we’ll be looking at a different area you can save money in; shopping, entertainment, student life, transport and holidays. Saving money doesn’t mean you have to stop doing what you love, just by being a bit more aware of where your money is going can have a big impact on your budget.

We can all be guilty of getting carried away when it comes to shopping, but it can be easier than you think to save some cash so you can make your money go further.

Go Big

Choosing to shop at larger supermarkets over their convenience store you may find in town is one way to get the price of your groceries down. Many “convenience” style stores will inflate their prices and are usually low on selection and only stock more premium brands, that’s why it’s best not to do your shopping at these stores.

Get Thrifty

If you’re looking for some bits and bobs for around the house or even some new clothes and accessories, charity shops can have some great stuff in them, especially the larger stores. You can pick up some real retro gems as well as some brand new, never been used stuff. Plus you might even get lucky and find a textbook you’ve been after at a bargain price. It’s always worth having a quick look to see if there’s anything you fancy.

Any Cashback?

When shopping online try and go through a cashback site, they’re super easy to use and you’ll earn money by spending money! Cashback sites work by receiving commission if you purchase goods through their sites, they then reward you with a percentage of this commission. There are so many sites to choose from and you can get cashback on pretty much anything; takeaways, clothes, travel and more!

Don’t be Afraid of the Dark

Doing your shopping in the evening is a great time if you’re after those bargains. Many supermarkets start to reduce prices on produces nearing their sell-by-date and their fresh products like baked goods in the evening. If you’re wanting some really good bargains, going shopping an hour or so before closing is an excellent time. Just be careful getting their and back if you’re heading out late!

Ditch the Brand

Doing away with branded products and choosing supermarket own brand will save you roughly one-third of your food spending! Don’t get sucked in by the attractive branding or so-called “deals” that supermarkets often put on to make you go for the more expensive options, always check those deals carefully before purchasing, sometimes they aren’t as attractive as you might think.

Bulk it out

Buying in bulk can save you a lot of money in the long run. Whilst you’ll have to pay out a bit more to buy more of a product, what you get for your money will be so much more. Products like pasta, rice, cereal etc. are perfect for buying in bulk, get some containers to store them in or some kitchen staples to keep them fresh.

Cash in Your Attic

Sell stuff you no longer want or need. Books, CDs, clothes, games, whatever you don’t want anymore, don’t just hoard them, sell them and make some money back off them. It’s a perfect way to declutter and bring in a little extra money, which can come in very handy if you are wanting to treat yourself to something new.


Just by making a couple of changes to your shopping habits you will start to see a big difference in how much you’re spending. Let us know what you’re trying and what your money saving shopping tips are!


Loretta Yaa Obour
5:51am on 6 Feb 19 Wow! Very great read. I’m so glad I changed upon this article and read. I have learned some new things. Can’t wait to apply them. Cheers!
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