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No Detriment Policy Adopted

The Alan Berry Building

Thank you to all the students who sent in their feedback during this lockdown period. The Students' Union values and uses your feedback.

In response to your feedback, we have been in discussion with the University around adopting a No Detriment policy. We are happy to announce that the University will be adopting a No Detriment policy for assessments and examinations during this period. All students should have received an email from the University to that effect this afternoon.

Details on how this will be implemented across all courses within the Coventry University Group will be communicated next week and your officers will continue to work closely with the University to see how the policy will be shaped and implemented and to ensure that the views and needs of students are represented.

What is No Detriment?

The No Detriment policy means that any assessment or exam taken during this period will not be detrimental to your current average before the lockdown.

We understand the changes in teaching, learning and assessment as a result of the Covid-19 situation can and will affect assessments and exams, the policy guarantees that your academic year average will not be lower than the average that you held prior to the lockdown.