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Priory Sports Hall Availability for Students

Update on our previous article on the lack of availability for student activities at Priory Sports Hall.

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Today we had our last meeting with Guy Daly with regards to the Priory Sports Hall availability for sports clubs and societies. For the current semester you will lose access to Priory Sports Hall as the University will store and give out gowns for graduations from the 12th until the 25th of November 2021. For the exams period we have been told that exams will no longer take place at Priory Sports Hall, however, we are making sure it is confirmed and we will get back to you ASAP.

For semesters two and three, all graduations will be held after teaching time. Therefore, we won’t have this issue in the future. On Tuesday the 26th of November, at the event ‘An Audience With’, the Senior Leadership Team said that they are looking into giving student ID cards elsewhere in the future. We will also enquire about this closer to the time.

We apologise that we could not get Priory Sports Hall back for the whole semester.

We understand that this is not ideal or what you expected, nevertheless, this recurrent issue will not be forgotten, and we will keep trying our best to protect your interests.

Deepest Regards,

Catarina F. Cardoso, CUSU President

Gabriela Sulikowska, VP Activities

Elvis Zeiluks, Sports and Wellbeing Officer

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