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Priory Sports Hall Lack of Availability for Student Activities

If you would like to know more and show your support, please read and sign our Open Letter attached in this article.

Priory Sports Halls is an important on campus facility used by student sports and societies every year. We have been informed that due to the University booking events and activities in Priory Sports Hall this year, the sports hall cannot be used by Sports Clubs or Societies for 7 out of 13 weeks within the first semester. This restriction on facilities impacts 18 sports and societies representing 1200 students. Facilities access has been an ongoing issue for many years, we believe that all students are entitled to experience sporting activities and societies throughout their journey at University, and for many students it is an essential part of their experience. 

To read more CLICK HERE for the Open Letter.

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Kind Regards,
Catarina F. Cardoso - CUSU President
Gabriela Sulikowska - VP Activities
Elvis Zeiluks - Sports and Wellbeing Officer


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