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Self-isolation Sing-along

Join In With A Traditional Cockney Singalong From Your Living Room Every Thursday. Musician Tom Carradine is best-known as the host of Cockney London based singalongs but that's all on pause for the time being, but he's still keeping people's spirits up by running weekly Self-Isolation Singalongs.

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Photo: Carradine's Cockney Singalong

The premise is simple — he hosts his usual singalong, from the safety of his home, and broadcasts it via Facebook, where anyone can join in. Traditional music, with a 21st century lockdown twist. Expect his usual medley of wartime songs and London ditties. You can request songs in advance on Facebook event page, and lyrics are available to download from the Carradine's Cockney Singalong website.

Though the sessions are free to take part in, he's operating a virtual tip jar for anyone who wants to show their appreciation. The Self-Isolation Singalongs take place every Thursday evening, 8.30pm-9.30pm, until  June (for now).


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