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Sophia signs up to Mentoring Scheme!

As a new academic year begins in September, why not sign up to be a mentor using Vygo? Sophia Baffoe, a second year International Business Management student, can explain why you should sign up!

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Sophia Baffoe, a second year International Business Management student and Vygo mentor, stood on cam Sophia Baffoe has become a mentor on Vygo

We recently put out a call for current students to consider becoming mentors to support first year students who will be starting in September. One person who responded was 2nd year international student Sophia Baffoe who is doing an MSc in International Business Management.

One of Sophia's module leaders told her about the scheme and thought she’d be ideal for it.

“It is part of my nature to offer to help people whenever I can and I saw this as a great opportunity for me to continue doing what I love to do", Sophia said.

“As an international student, when I arrived in the UK for the first time, I had difficulties settling in at the beginning. Knowing how hard it is to find your feet especially as a new student, I thought this scheme would enable me to help others settle in and get comfortable.

“Applying to become a mentor on Vygo was really easy. I basically had to fill out a form, apply for registration and then I was ready to do the training.

“The training was very insightful. In fact, I enjoyed every bit of it. I honestly thought it was going be the usual long and boring sessions! However, it turned out to be completely the opposite. It was very interactive. As well as having to answer questions after every part of the training, I had to watch a number of short videos which made it interesting.

“During the training, I had the luxury of emailing the programme manager or the Vygo student success team whenever I had issues and the Coventry mentor community page was also very helpful in answering any random questions I had.

Vygo mentor Sophia Baffoe

“Although I haven’t started my mentoring yet, I am actually looking forward to every aspect of being a good mentor. I learnt so much from this scheme and have already started to apply what I studied to my personal life and I’m so happy about it.

“I believe to be a mentor is rewarding. Yes, it is voluntary, but helping someone to navigate their way through university life is satisfying knowing that you are making a difference to someone and putting a smile on their face.

“On completion of my training, I was awarded a digital badge which I can now add to my LinkedIn profile as it recognises my new mentoring skill.

“Personally, using this training, and then putting it into practice, will enable me to confidently offer help to my colleagues and friends in future and I am sure it will be an added bonus to my CV.

“If anyone is thinking of applying to become a mentor, I would definitely recommend it.”

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