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Student Officer Statement on the Ongoing Crisis in Ukraine

CUSU celebrates and encourages diversity, equity, inclusion, and peace. We encourage anyone affected to reach out for support.

A statement from the full-time Officer Team:

We extend our concerns and take a stand with all of those affected by the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. CUSU celebrates and encourages diversity, equity, inclusion, and peace. The current situation is highly distressing, and we encourage anyone affected to reach out for support.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has already resulted in loss of life, and as the crisis continues more people will be at risk of violence, displacement, and oppression. We stand with all victims and those affected by this and all acts of war. Moreover, we will not tolerate any harassment towards students from the countries involved in this crisis.

As the situation is developing rapidly, we encourage you all to be wary of unverified stories that may circulate on social media; for the most up to date information visit the BBC’s live reporting of the invasion or another credible news source.

We uphold the belief that everyone should be treated with the same level of respect and take a no tolerance policy to any form of hate, harassment, bullying or violence.

If you, or anyone you know, experiences or witnesses hate or harassment on campus, please call Protection Services at 024 7765 5555 (Coventry Campus and the Hudson Building) who will ask for your location and respond as soon as possible. If you are on our Coventry University London campus, please call Security Services on 0207 6450832 or 0207 6450833. At CU London and CU Scarborough, please alert a member of the on-site security team. If off campus, please call 999 immediately. You should also report the incident and access support via the University’s Harassment Reporting.

We will always be advocates for unity and we encourage all students to do the same.

Support Services:

To read the Coventry University statement visit the Student Portal.

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