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Welcome to Coventry University!

Ronke, your Vice President for Education


Welcome to Coventry. I am Ronke, your Vice President for Education. I represent the Academic Interest of Coventry University Group students and I will be working closely with your course Rep to ensure you get the best study experience. Look out for my articles as I will be giving you updates on everything Educational happening in Coventry and any Educational issue that might interest you. 

My goal is to give you the opportunity to shape your Academic Experience. To shape your educational experience students need to be active partners in your education, helping to create and develop their learning and teaching to shape your study experience. A highly engaged student community helps to inform?University strategy?and enables us to continually improve and develop every aspect of your experience. 

There are a number of ways that you, too, can get involved, give feedback and make real positive changes to the student experience at Coventry.


Becoming a CUSU REP is a great opportunity to improve the experience of learning and teaching at Coventry, and will open many doors as you develop many of the key skills that employers seek in top graduates. You will:

  • Gain leadership, project management and research skills 

  • Benefit from a bespoke training schedule 

  • Be given networking opportunities 

  • Gain unique experience for your CV 

  • Take part in special team building and reward events available during the year 


Each year the University asks all students to provide feedback about their experiences at Coventry. Surveys are organised throughout the year for different student group however your feedback provides a great channel to make important change and if us a thumbs up for the great things we do. These include: 

  • NSS (National Student Survey) for final year undergraduate students 

  • PRES (Postgraduate Research Experience Survey) for doctoral students 

  • PTES (Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey) for Postgraduate Taught Student 

  • MEQ (Module Evaluation Questionnaire) 



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