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Find out what Reps do and how you can get involved!

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You’ve probably heard about Reps by now, students across campus have been asked to become a Rep by academic staff and CUSU but you’re probably asking why should I? What’s in it for me?

Well for starters what are Reps?

Reps are students just like you. They represent the views and opinions of students on their course and feed it back to academic staff through our online Rep. They bring about positive change and have the power to improve the educational experience of all students that they look after. They’re a team of over 1,500 students annually who form one of the largest communities on campus ready to listen to your feedback. Each course should have at least one Course Rep but we don’t limit numbers, we believe all students who want to be part of the Rep System should have an opportunity to do so and now were online you can do the role from anywhere in the world!

That’s all great, but why should I sign up?

There are so many reasons why you should sign up to be a Rep but here is just a few:

  • Meet new people. Like we said earlier, we are one of the biggest communities on campus and therefore you have the opportunity to meet so many other students. Whether that be at one of our various social events or when you’re working with other students to bring about positive change, becoming a Rep broadens your social circles and helps you make new friends.
  • Improve your employability skills. We don’t want Reps to just gather feedback, we care about your development and want to give you skills that employers look for. We provide you with a training package, access to exclusive workshops and the chance to put your skills in to practice. As a Rep you will improve your communication, problem solving and time management skills to mention just a few.
  • You can receive payment. Our Senior Course Rep roles come with a volunteer payment of up to £100. These roles are limited so be sure to apply for them soon.
  • Achieve a leadership award. Reps can gain awards for the work they do which can be used once you leave the university on your CV.

But don’t just take our word. You can find out how you can benefit from becoming a Rep from some of our students. Watch our short video here.

So why not become a Rep today and become part of the loudest voice on campus. Apply HERE now.

If you have any further questions please email or check our web page here.


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