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Employability - Competition time

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Getting into teaching

Competition time. 

If you've been thinking about ways to support local schools during the pandemic, now may be the moment to get going. 

The Employability Team is launching a competition for aspiring tutors and teachers from all faculties to support our local schools. 

We would like to hear your exciting ideas for remote opportunities to support and inspire learners in any subject area. 

This should be a remote opportunity, where safeguarding has been clearly considered and this should be demonstrated within your project proposal. 

This does not have to be a solo project, entries from groups will be accepted. 

The programme is open to all.

Entrants must, 

  • Complete the project proposal (all instructions are contained within)  
  • The proposal will cover the following areas  
  • Why they feel this area of support is needed? 
  • Why you should be chosen? 
  • Age group you intent to support 
  • Indicate how the funding would be spent (budget) 
  • You can support your application with a vlog or digital application, instructions here 

The competition closes in February 2021, all entrants will make the longlist, appear in our newsletter, be showcased on our website and 5 will be shortlisted. 

The shortlist, selected by a judging panel, will win the opportunity to gain a Leadership Award (Silver), appear in our newsletter and all 5 entries will be supported  to bring your ideas to life.  

Each of the 5 entries will receive Employability and Leadership Branded Merchandise and up to £250 funding to support your ideas. 

The winner will be chosen based on successful integration of the project into a local school. 

The overall winner(s) will achieve Leadership Award (Gold) and the possibility of entrance into the CUSU awards 2021 (subject to approval) 

Entries open on 18th January until 5th February 2021.  

Click here to access the form to enter. 

If you are interested in teaching, there are a series of sessions you can follow. Click here to download a free pdf, Getting into teaching: Supporting my application during COVID-19 Pandemic.


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