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How to stay motivated during your studies- hints and tips

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Establish a healthy daily routine

A daily solid routine will enable solid habits in our lives. It helps us to establish and maintain consistency. As students, we often have the tendency to sporadically study from time to time. Implementing a healthy daily routine, which consists of a healthy amount of sleep, a healthy amount of studying, and a healthy amount of relaxation will enable us to complete tasks in a more automatic manner; taking little to no effort to perform and basically allowing us to do more with less.

According to some studies, it takes 21 days to wilfully build a habit. However, according to an extensive study taken out by Phillippa Lally; a health psychology researcher at University College London, a new habit usually takes a little more than 2 months — 66 days to be exact.

Bear in mind even if it is too late to implement a healthy routine and you are already one week away from that dreaded deadline, you can still achieve what you desire to achieve. Some of us work better under pressure anyway. After all, pressure makes diamonds

A routine is just recommended as it limits stress levels and enables your mood to be healthier in general. We all need to take more care of our mental health more than ever especially during these trying times.


Avoid comparison and just focus on your daily tasks

We all perform differently under different conditions, so avoid comparing yourself to other students if it is not being used solely for constructive criticism.  Work as hard as you know you can.

Do not scold yourself if you didn’t stick to your study plan, part of being a student is being resilient, even to your own slacking tendencies. Part of being a student is also adapting to circumstances you find yourself in. Quickly redirect so you do not let time pass you by (Deadline days don’t change). Resilience and adaptation are skills that are priceless and are needed after you graduate as things will never always go to plan as perfectly as you thought it would. That shouldn’t stop you from redirecting and putting in maximum effort with the time you have left.

Take it easy and relax your nerves…. Not too much though.


Why are you doing this? Motivate yourself every day

Speaking of habits, get into the habit of consistently reminding yourself of your academic goals and remind yourself of the WHY behind your goals. Is it so that you can get a great job? Is it so that you can apply to a top ten university for your masters? Is it to prove to yourself that you are highly competent, and you can conquer any challenges you face? Remind yourself of your why. Also, remind yourself that the end is near, the course of our degrees does not last forever. So that is even more of a reason to try your best because once it is done, it is done. Leave with a grade you will be proud of. Nobody likes regrets. Don’t be the student that says, “I should have”. Try your personal best.


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