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Leadership Awards Applications - Now Open Term

Leadership Award applications are now open for Term 3 recognising the amazing things you do outside of your course!

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Leadership Award applications are now open for Term 3 recognising the amazing things you do outside of your course!

Want to be recognised for your extra-curricular activity?

Then look no further the Leadership Award is for you!

The CUSU Leadership Award recognises your involvement and activities within extracurricular activities whilst studying at Coventry University identifying the skills and experiences you have gained.

You can showcase the skills you have developed in a format that can be digitally viewed.

Applications are now open from 30th May until 11th July 2022. This Award is recognised by employers, looks great on your CV and can help distinguish you from other candidates.  For more information on Leadership awards click here 

The Leadership Award has 3 levels identifying your level of experience, and skills gained through your extra-curricular activities

If you are an active participant within extra-curricular activities but do not take on leadership role, this award is for you.

The Bronze award recognizes who seek to participate in opportunities to develop interests, meet new people and proactively try something new

To achieve this, you will need to identify skills and experience have gained through participation.

If you do more than actively participate, with perhaps elements of leadership or engage in a way that grows your activity this sliver award is for you.

The Silver award recognizes students who have progressed from participating in an activity to a great degree of engagement and contributions. Taking on elements of leadership and contributions.

To achieve this award students will need to review their skills and experiences gained. From personal, communication through to leadership.

If you have demonstrated leadership through making significant contributions, either within a formal executive role or volunteering this is the award for you.

The Gold award recognises students who have make significant contributions through extra-curricular activities and caused development by this.

To achieve this award students, need to reflect on experience and skills developed. These will vary but can range from commercial and organisational through to leadership and communication.

Want help with application?

Why not attend one of the Leadership Award Events

We are running a live online session via Zoom “How To Apply For The Leadership Award” - Wednesday 15th June 2pm - 3pm

This session is free to join and is a great chance to find out more about the award and get support with your application.

Click here to register.

The Employability team will be hosting a Coffee and Meet - Leadership Award Edition!!

This will take place at The Courtyard Tuesday 28th June 11am - 1pm

This session is free with complimentary refreshments and is a chance for you to meet like-minded students and get face to face support with your application.

Click here to register

We cannot wait to receive or see you at one of our events!

For more details on the Leadership Award please contact the Employability team on



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