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Talent Fest is Coming Soon!

The Talent Team will be running a series of online sessions over a 4 week period commencing from next week, Monday 4 October 2021.

It's a great time to start looking at opportunities in the World of Work, find a placement or graduate career, whilst networking with your potential future employer. A broad range of employers will be attending Talent Fest from 4th - 29th October, from international organisations to small and medium-sized businesses, so it really is your chance to design your future.

There will be a variety of sessions from the Talent Team targeted at students seeking support with career planning, internships, placements, work experience, graduate schemes/jobs, part-time work, entrepreneurial activities and employability skills. Employers will be delivering sessions about recruitment processes and the types of candidates they look for and we’re running a number of sessions too!

CUSU Sessions:

Enhancing Equity and Diversity with CUSU (25th October 2pm)

Coventry University Students’ Union are engaged in numerous equity and diversity projects. Join this session to find out more about the work we do, the impact it has and how you can get involved.

Discovering yourself at university (25th October 3pm)

University is the ideal place to discover yourself. You can get involved with activities you are passionate about and plot a career trajectory. In this session you will hear stories of people who discovered themselves at university and went on to make a difference.

Your ticket to a Global Career. Global themed opportunities (26th October 10am)

There’s no better time for you to open the door of international opportunities than during your student journey. We’d love to invite you for an online session during which you will learn everything about international application process and your career prospects abroad.

Digital Nomads: How you can work and travel (26th October 2pm)

Have you ever dreamt about travelling around the world and getting paid? What about combining that with an incredible community of minded adventurous people? If that sounds like something you’d like to be part of, join our online panel with Digital Nomads and hear about their amazing stories.

Transferable skills of being a Rep (27th October 10am)

Being a course rep at university equips you with the requisite skills that will enable you to thrive in the workplace. Find out more in this session.

How to Volunteer with CUSU and Boost your Employability (27th October 2pm)

Volunteering is one of the most reliable pathways to getting workplace ready and developing yourself. At CUSU there are numerous volunteering opportunities, so find out how you can boost your employability through volunteering in this session.

Selling your Postgraduate Skills to an Employer (28th October 4pm)

This session will focus on the transferable skills learnt during a postgraduate degree, and how these can be beneficial to employers outside of the HE sector. Not all postgraduate students wish to pursue an academic career. If this sounds like you and you’re struggling to sell your postgraduate skills, this session is for you!

How does a virtual careers fair work?

Talent Fest is an online 'event' that allows employers and students to meet remotely through voice calls or video chat rooms, and offers a number of advantages to both students and employers.

Employers enjoy lower recruiting costs through the ability to virtually screen quality candidates, and both parties save time and costs associated with traveling to participate in on-site events.

The Talent Team will be hosting the virtual careers fair via their online student portal, Talent Connect, to create an intuitive, user-friendly experience for students and employers.

Book through Talent Connect.

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