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Which online courses could help you succeed?

If you need help deciding which direction to take your career in, or want to boost your knowledge of your future sector, an online course can help! Short courses with Future Learn are designed to develop skills specifically relevant to certain degrees and careers. This article explores top careers and courses developed in partnership with Future Learn that can provide a pathway.

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Future Learn is the provider of many online courses at Coventry University. Courses provide undergraduates with a taste of what to expect before they choose their degree.

However, these courses are also available to current students, helping you decide which direction your career should go in. Those already working can also enrol on a course and boost their knowledge of their sector.

These short courses enable you to develop skills relevant to certain degrees and careers. Here, we explore some popular careers and the courses developed in partnership with Future Learn that can provide a pathway to them.

Public Health and Nursing

Coventry is a leading university for health and nursing studies. The school has expanded beyond Coventry campus to the opening of a new campus in London, the London School of Nursing.

Nursing is a challenging and rewarding career that suits those who truly care about the health of the community. The ability to assess health needs, carry out essential research and lead others are all prized skills in nursing.

Five courses are offered within Public Health and Nursing. You can opt to take a single course or all five for expert level understanding. ExpertTrack is highly recommended for those already studying or working as nurses and who want to enhance their understanding of how nurses can promote public health.

The full study programme takes approximately 10 weeks to complete. As with all courses, you will be awarded a certificate on completion to demonstrate your commitment to your career.

Global Marketing: A Definition

Many students are drawn to a career in marketing. The number of industries you could find yourself working in are endless! Regardless of industry, many of the same skills are valued across the board. These include communication, teamwork and analysis, all of which are developed through engagement with this course. The global focus will develop an understanding of international marketing.

Globalisation is a hot topic and many businesses now launch with a global outlook in mind. Digital marketing tech has opened doors to easy communication across the globe, facilitating trade across borders and bringing different cultures together.

Global Marketing: A Definition explores the EPRG framework in detail. You will leave the course understanding the concept of global marketing, how it applies to the EPRG framework and how relevant EPRG is to organisations that are ‘born global’.

The course takes just two weeks to complete and is absolutely free. It provides an introduction to a range of business degrees and can offer a pathway to even more business careers.

Perspectives on Entrepreneurship

A career as an entrepreneur is another area of work that opens doors to a huge variety of industries. You can establish yourself pretty much anywhere and in anything.

The most attractive aspect of this career is using your own unique ideas and qualities to succeed – you must be innovative and original. You also need to be aware of culture and how that influences approaches to entrepreneurship – both your own culture and that of others.

Perspectives on Entrepreneurship will provide you with the platform to effectively evaluate your own mindset and consider different perspectives of entrepreneurship. It will also consider cultural aspects and help you to identify challenges in sustainable development within your country.

The course opens pathways to an international business degree and is another short course that takes place over two weeks. It will be of interest to anyone wanting to build a better understanding of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Contract Management and Procurement: An Introduction

A career in construction can be lucrative, stable and rewarding. You find yourself at the centre of the community, working out exactly what people need from infrastructure and delivering it. Those working in the industry usually have great negotiation and problem-solving skills.

Contract Management and Procurement: An Introduction explores UK construction contract management and provides an overview of the entire process. Two important roles in this process are also explored in detail – the Contract Administrator and the Project Manager.

When you leave the course, you will have a solid understanding of the nature of construction contracts, procurement strategies involved in construction and how to manage contractual relationships.

The course can be completed in two weeks and is beneficial for anyone studying to become or working as an engineer. It is also a great choice for those in law, who want a specific understanding of how contractual law is upheld in the UK construction industry.

More courses on offer

Courses don’t stop there! There are plenty more business courses to take which address strategy, data analysis and digital security.

Nursing also comes with a wide selection and is perhaps one of the subjects that is best provided for by Coventry University and Future Learn.

If you’re interested in emergency planning and aid provision, there are courses for those too.

Take a look at the full list. Which course will you book? 

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