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Why do an Add+vantage module

The Add+Vantage scheme is an innovative programme developed by Coventry University for its students. An Add+Vantage module is designed with one goal in mind: to help boost your employability! These modules focus on engaging students in activities that offer real-life work experience and help with their career growth.

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The Add+Vantage scheme is an innovative programme developed by Coventry University for its students. An Add+Vantage module is designed with one goal in mind: to help boost your employability! These modules focus on engaging students in activities that offer real-life work experience and help with their career growth. Each year, you can choose what you want to study and what skills you want to develop or enhance. From studying a foreign language to learning how to do business around the globe, the Add+Vantage module has got you covered. Yet, it’s worth knowing that the registration for these modules’ functions on a first-come-first-serve basis, meaning that you must be fast and decide on what you want to study. Also, you can take up to one Add+Vantage module per academic year. For more information on the Add+Vantage Scheme, the subject areas covered and the eligibility criteria, head over to this website

And if this brief introduction on the Add+Vantage scheme has piqued your interest, below you can read the testimonial of a Coventry University student on the Add+vantages of this scheme. 

A student’s perspective

When I first found out about the Add+Vantage Scheme, I told myself that I see this as an opportunity to work on my employability skills whilst studying. Through my university years, I have always chosen Add+Vantage modules from different subjects, so I could develop and expand my skill set. So, for my first year, I went with a professionally accredited module. In my second year, I have studied a global language, and in my third year, I opted for a work experience and community contribution module. These modules have helped me to maximize my potential both personally and professionally. With no further ado, below you can read what modules I have studied and what are some of the benefits and the skills that I have gained after completing them.

In my first year, I was interested in studying something completely new to me in every way! That’s why I opted to study Adobe InDesign- Introduction to digital publishing, and all I can say is that it was one of the most interesting modules I’ve ever studied! I have learned how to use the right tools to create an aesthetically pleasing magazine cover. Also, I learned how to design magazine spreadsheets, and how to deliver a presentation in front of an audience. This module allowed me to fully explore my imagination and creativity, and professionally design a magazine cover and spreadsheet (pictured bellow), something which I thought I could never ever do. The module gave me an array of technical skills, but I think that the most important one was confidence, such an important soft skill. This is for me the major benefit of the module. As I have finished it, I realised I can successfully deliver a presentation and communicate my ideas in front of an audience, which has helped me a lot!


In my second year, I have studied Absolute Beginners’ German, as I have always been passionate about learning new languages. I must recognise that halfway through the module I was questioning if it was the right module for me, as it has pushed me out of my comfort zone. As a connoisseur, and lover of Romance Languages, learning the basics of a West Germanic Language as an adult, seemed to be a wall that I could never climb. But instead of seeing this as a burden, I took it and transformed it into a benefit. In the end, it all paid off as I have successfully completed my assignment with a very good grade. I can also add my German language skills to my CV to enhance it. This module has developed not only my linguistic skills but also my motivational skills, as I have been extremely determined to understand and speak German.

For the third year, I opted to take a Project Placement within the Students’ Union, as I wanted to get some work experience and expand my network. At the moment, I am still completing my placement (and this article is the proof of it), so I can’t say very much about the skills that I have gained but so far, I am happy with how this module meets my expectations. However, if I must mention some of the skills that I have obtained up to this point, then I can say that I am more punctual and organized than I was before as I work to meet deadlines, in conjunction with studying for my third and final year. Also, I have expanded my communication and networking skills and strengthened my patience, as I must read the same text dozens of times before submitting it to my supervisor. The major benefit of this module is the work experience that I have achieved (and continue to) which is extremely valuable and important for me.


My piece of advice on choosing the right Add+Vantage module


< >Push yourself out of your comfort zoneChose something that picks your interest 


The Add+Vantage modules cover lots of subjects, so it will be easy to choose something you like. Each module has a brief description, just make sure to check that description before deciding on what you want to study. Pick something that you’re genuinely interested in studying. Otherwise, you might end up with a module that you might struggle with as you may not like it. However, I would suggest you choose something that’s not too similar to your degree, so you can explore new subjects and develop new skills.


< >Use this module to your advantage 


Don’t waste this great opportunity of expanding your abilities. I strongly suggest you not choose a module just to pass the time. Or because it’s mandatory, so you’ll choose whatever you think will be easy to pass. See this module as an opportunity to work on those employability skills that your course does not cover. So, if you are passionate about editing images and photography, but you’re studying History, why not take the Add+Vantage module on Photoshop?


In the end, I would encourage you to choose to study a module that interests you, and even better, that you know nothing about. As I can tell from my experience, you’ll be amazed by how well you can be at a subject you know nothing about. Another perk is that you’ll also strengthen and expand your employability skill set! For me, the Add+Vantage scheme is one of the best programmes that Coventry University offers.


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