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Adam wins Covid Hero CUSU award

At the recent CUSU awards, a special category was added to recognise the wonderful work that Coventry University students have done to help others during they pandemic.

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At the recent CUSU awards, a special category was added to recognise the wonderful work that Coventry University students have done to help others during they pandemic.

The first recipient of the Covid Heroes Award was Adam Khan. Adam has volunteered their services working as a Covid Tester, leading a team at Coventry City Council and had training to become a volunteer vaccinator.

Adam began working in the University Testing site in November 2020 when it first opened.

Since that time, Adam has continued to work every week to ensure that the centre is functioning in the best way that it can.

Adam said:

“I was absolutely thrilled to be given the award. COVID-19 has totally changed the whole world and I am sure most of us wanted to be able to do something to assist in the work being done to try and get things back to some kind of normal.

“My role was mainly to make sure that testing is accessible and checking that anyone with additional needs were able to be tested in a positive environment.  I am delighted to add that since I started working at the testing centre, the city council offered me a job to continue testing for the council’s community centres as well.“

Adam now helps to lead the strategic delivery of lateral flow testing in Coventry.  In their spare time, they also volunteer as a vaccinator, committing hours every week to that as well as their other jobs.

Adam added:

“The past twelve months has been tough on everyone, but I think students have suffered greatly, not only with the disruption to their studies, but the toll it has taken on their mental health. I was interviewed on the TV news talking about this very subject and that is why I am committed to working as hard as I can to try and make things better.”

Not only has Adam been juggling their roles in the community, they also had the challenge of completing their final year during lockdown and working on their dissertation:

“I would be lying if I didn’t say it had been a struggle, but there is always something that needs doing to help my fellow students. I have been especially keen on supporting any initiative which enhances the student journey in both teaching and learning as well as outside activities. I am constantly trying to find solutions to some of the problems that the pandemic has unearthed.”

Many people have commented on Adam’s positivity and their aim has always been to create an uplifting atmosphere at the testing and vaccination centres. They are constantly urging people to get tested:

“I want to do my best to encourage more people to come forward for testing and also to encourage younger people to come and get vaccinated so that we are in a better position to combat the effects of the virus.

 “There is still some disquiet within the communities about the safety of the vaccine and it is this area I am passionate about because I want to be able to break down the barriers caused by the distrust of the vaccine and reassure people that getting the jab is the best way of getting things back to normal.

“I am truly humbled to have been recognised by CUSU as a COVID Hero. I am just one of many people who are working hard to try and help others and if I can continue to do that and keep making sure that those who need guidance get it, then I will be happy”.

Adam is proof that despite everything that has happened in their life, nothing can deter them from continuing to help others. Their positive attitude works wonders and fosters a more positive environment at a time when we need it the most.



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