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Volunteering – a year of commitment

The Volunteering department has been very busy all year organising events in which students can participate.

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A couple of the main events on campus were the popular Volunteering Fairs, which took place during Term 1 and during Student Volunteer Week. These fairs are important as it enables our students to chat with representatives from local charities to look at what opportunities they have available. Talking with the charities face-to-face is extremely helpful as both sides can decide whether they are a good fit. Once a student has signed up to a particular charity through the volunteering fair, they usually get involved with some amazing events throughout the year.

Our volunteers have also been busy supporting the Volunteer Taster Days which have been a great way for students to get involved in volunteering with no long-term commitment. The taster days are fun and a good way to meet new people. Once a student has taken part in a taster day, they usually sign up for the next one!

Volunteering is beneficial in many ways. It gives students the chance to meet new people and forge new friendships outside their course. Volunteering helps students to grow as a person and gain in confidence and leadership. The bonus is the gaining of a digital badge, which can be used on their online profiles to show future employers that they have given something back to the community that they have called home for the three years of their degree course.

This academic year, students have committed over 600 hours supporting the British Heart Foundation with super sorting activities, Coventry Foodbank sorting and packing food parcels and the Hedgehog Friendly Litter Picks to support the University Bronze Award Campaign. They also created cards for the Post Pals Charity which put a smile on the faces of poorly and seriously ill children. 

All these activities will be returning for the next academic year, so if you didn’t get the chance to take part, then make sure you sign up to receive our newsletter here, which will list all the taster day events running throughout the new academic year.


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