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Volunteering as a Student Warden

With Student Volunteering Week soon approaching (February 8th - 14th), Hafeezah is here to tell you about what volunteering as a Student Warden is like!

Student Volunteering Week 2021

Did you know that February 8th will mark the start of our Student Volunteering Week campaign this year?! Each year the campaign is all about promoting the vast array of available opportunities and offering students the chance to get involved to make a real difference! Admittedly it will have to be a little different this time due to the current lockdown restrictions so we will be running everything online. This year's theme is 'love your community' with a big focus on highlighting the amazing work of our student volunteers to celebrate their work and inspire others.

Click here to find out more about the week.

Student Volunteering Week 2021 Logo


Volunteering as a Student Warden

Having recently joined the Student Warden team myself, I have experienced the benefit of volunteering first-hand and I’m keen to share some of what we have done. You may have possibly seen a social media post from @cusustudentwardens on Facebook or Instagram, maybe even read an article from the CUSU website written by us or even just been on campus and seen someone wearing a top with the words ‘STUDENT WARDEN’ plastered at the back … yes? But who really are we?


The Student Wardens are a friendly team of volunteers who work on a range of activities that are themed around student welfare, community engagement and sustainability. In order to achieve our goals, we have taken part in various different projects over the years, some of which include:

  • Working with community groups and CUSU departments to bring you the annual Housing Fair. We ensured the event was beneficial to students by offering free tenancy agreement checks, giveaway goody bags, community groups such as the police and resident groups to chat about living in Coventry and accommodation providers to find out about some of the available housing options.
  • We have also partnered with West Midlands Police and the University Protection Service. They have helped give students advice on personal safety, security, guidance on the effects of drinking and so much more!
  • More recently we have been supporting students with their wellbeing during the pandemic through activities and content shared on our social media and webpage.
  • We have also been involved with the Canal and River Trust, an amazing charity that supports the community in a variety of ways! We are looking at the possibility of delivering community events along Coventry canal as well as other ways we can make students feel safer about spending and enjoying time at the canal.

Student Warden Volunteers (before the Covid-19 pandemic)


Volunteering Testimonial

The Student Warden Team is filled with brilliant people, all trying to think of innovative and useful ways to help students when it comes to our three aims. One member who knows this better than anyone else is Adam, one of our longest standing Student Wardens! Here’s what they had to say about volunteering with the team: 


“Joining the Student Wardens was the very first opportunity I signed up for when I joined Coventry University back in 2017. Volunteering with the Student Wardens has helped me engage with the local community of Coventry outside of the university and enabled me to understand Coventry more. 

Leading on various aspects of the wardens from patrols to events throughout my four years volunteering had given me valuable skills which I have been able transfer to other aspects of my life such as community work and employment. 

A really big part of the wardens which has has helped me develop as a person is the recognition we all get for putting in the work we do, as I have previously won Student Warden of the Year and an Outstanding Commitment Award. 

The amount of support we get from staff and outside organisations is a testament to the success of the Wardens. Hence I am still a member of the Student Wardens in my fourth year at Coventry University!”


If anything serves as a testimony to what the Student Wardens do, it’s the journey of someone’s such as Adam.


Staying Updated

So now you know who we are, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to take part in our activities and be kept well informed about what we’re up to next! You can also get in contact with us at any time by emailing

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