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Exam Support & Adjustments FAQ's

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Where can I find information regarding disability support for exams?

There is a dedicated page within the student portal:  , this is also signposted within the Registry portal page: and here


I feel I may need adjustments in exams, where do I go? Who can I contact?

Students are encouraged to book in to discuss support needs with one of the Disability Support Team via this link: . If  a student has a temporary disability, such as a broken arm then they would book in with the welfare team via the same link, students who have a Mental Health condition/difficulty would need to discuss their support with the Mental Health team and they can read more and register here:


What is the process for reasonable adjustments?

Reasonable adjustments are discussed and confirmed within an appointment with a disability adviser and then also confirmed with the student by email and with the course team if the student agrees to them knowing. If we have permission to share this information it will then be added onto the students record on Universe.

If a student is applying for an individual exam arrangement then they do so here 


When should I speak to you about the type of support I might need during my time at University?

Students can discuss and request reasonable adjustments with us at any point in their time with us, though there needs to be enough time for us to put things into place which will depend on the particular adjustment needed. In the case of exams there is a deadline that is agreed by Registry, which allows them time to put in place additional staff and rooming to cover all of the individual exam arrangements needed. This year the deadline for December exams onwards was the 18th October, so anyone applying for individual exam arrangements after then will not have them put in place for December exams, but these will be put in place for the April session onwards. Students who have missed the deadline but may require support should speak to the Disability team for guidance. The deadlines and further information are found here…


Will I need to provide any evidence or documents?

We will need to have recent medical evidence, or a full diagnostic report depending on the disability disclosed.


How will information about my individual exam arrangements be communicated to me before my exam?

As students apply for their individual exam arrangements themselves they will have opted in for what they need. If there is any issue with what they have requested then they are contacted by the admin team who process the requests. All requests have to be backed up by clear evidence for the request and confirmed by the relevant adviser.


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