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Support & Guidance For Students With Disabilities

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Taking Care of Yourself 

We know that a routine is really important when managing your disability, and the current situation may have disrupted this. Though it may feel challenging, it's really important to try and put in place a new structure that helps you to take care of yourself during this time. 

  • Keep taking any medication you may use, and ensure you have a way of accessing it. It is easy to forget to take your medication when your routine changes. Set up a new schedule so you remember, organise your medication and ensure that you check your supply. However, there is no need to stockpile any medication.  The NHS has lots of information about accessing medical support at this time, visit the page by clicking here
  • Stay hydrated. Staying hydrated is incredibly important for our overall health and wellbeing, but it's easy to forget about when you're feeling stressed. Perhaps set a reminder on your phone of when your next drink should be, or keep track using handy apps like those listed here.
  • Be gentle with yourself. It's okay to find yourself feeling a little stressed and worried during this time. But make sure you try to manage this and access mental health and wellbeing support where needed. The Big White Wall and MIND are great spaces for support. Practice self-care - we have lots of resources and tips on this on our CUSU website! Or, if you would like to talk to a Counsellor or Mental Health Advisor at the university, they are still available via remote access. Email, giving a brief reason for your contact if possible. 
  • Gentle stretches and comfortable activity. You might experience more pain & stiffness caused by stress or become stiff because you are moving less. Depending on your disability, comfortable exercise can help with this. You know your body best, do not push yourself unnecessarily to do more than before, only do what is comfortable for you. 
  • Access assistance remotely. The NHS advises everyone to access medical assistance remotely, wherever possible. However if you have a scheduled hospital or other medical appointment during this period, talk to your GP practice or clinician to ensure you continue to receive the care you need and consider whether appointments can be postponed. Your normal GP should be able to do a telephone appointment if you need extra support, but do not attend the surgery unless you have been asked to do so. 

Help With The Essentials 

The Government has a service for those with medical conditions that make them extremely vulnerable. This can help you get essential supplies like food deliveries. If you’re not sure if your medical condition makes you extremely vulnerable, you can register for the service anyway.
Register for the coronavirus support service (GOV.UK)

You can also check what your local authority is doing to help, as many are providing community support and information. You can search for your local authority by clicking here. 

It's also a really good idea to check your supermarkets website. Many supermarkets are changing their service to help people with disabilities during this period. This includes things like changing opening hours with certain times and days dedicated for vulnerable & disabled customers only and creating priority delivery slots. 

Not only that, but there are numerous local organisations and volunteers ready to help. You can visit COVID-19 Mutual Aid by clicking here and searching for support in your area. There are numerous organisations already listed in Coventry, Scarborough and across London

If you would also like additional support from CUSU please email 

Keep In Touch 

This may seem obvious, but it really is important. Make sure you keep in touch with support around you, not only on a personal level, but also the support and contacts you use at the university. Whether its clarifying content with your lecturer, or setting up your own study session with peers. If you work with support staff at the university, be sure to check in with them too and see what support they can offer remotely. 

You can still contact the disability team at the university. They are currently offering phone or Microsoft teams video calls. You can book in via the online booking system. Though the team are working remotely, disability adviser appointments, study skills appointments and mentoring appointments remain available to book by clicking here

You can also email the team on if you have any questions and would prefer to contact via email. 

You can also still contact the Disabled Students Community at CUSU by emailing 
And keep an eye on our Instagram page @CUSU_equity.diversity. 

Get Specific 

Many disability charities and organisations are offering tailored information for your specific needs. We have listed a few below that are offering fantastic advice, resources and support: 



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