Say hello to your EEC Faculty Rep Rodolfos!

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Hello, I’m Rodolfos, the EEC Faculty Rep for 2018/19. I am an Engineering Management postgraduate student, having previously completed an undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering. 

Previously, I was a Senior Course Rep and the CEM School Rep, for all three years of my undergraduate degree. My time in these roles taught me the importance of the student 
representation system in guaranteeing the students’ quality of education. It has also helped my professional development substantially, helping me become a better public speaker and leader. 

A rough outline of my plans for the year is as follows: 

  • Increase Rep recruitment and help foster communication amongst EEC Reps using new mediums (Moodle page). 

  • Organise a Faculty-wide showcase event for students to display all the cool projects they have worked on. 

  • Support academic societies within the Faculty. 

  • Improve the experience students have with personal academic tutors. 

  • Work with the employability team to improve the services provided to students. 

Please contact me at if you have any questions! I have a wide range of experience as a student rep, so many of the issues you will face in your roles I might have come across before.


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