A Word from Paul Cashian- Associate Dean of Student Experience

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Interviewer: Luke Austin

Interviewee: Paul Cashian


(LA) " Hi Paul, thank you for taking the time to meet today, to start off can I ask what is happening in the new academic year?"

(PC) "As some students may be aware, there is going to be a new, 2 stage process approach to induction being implemented. This new process will include students starting their induction prior to arriving at Coventry, and then throughout the first 6 weeks, instead of the current system which sees all talks and lectures being held in the first week. The aim of this new system will be to make the induction process more engaging and get rid of long, crammed talks. However it is important to know that these new changes will only affect new students, not those who are returning.

Additionally there will be a 3 tier approach,

  • 1st stage- Before accept your place you’re an APPLICANT
  •  2nd stage you’re REGISTERED
  •  3rd stage is ENROLLED student

The new ‘registered’ status will give students access to some systems prior to enrolment including the pre-arrival induction material.

All these changes will begin during September induction."

(LA) "So what’s worked well so far in FBL this year?"

(PC) "There has been much to be proud of this year and there have been many successes for the FBL faculty. However in particular the new ‘Tutoring System’ has proved extremely successful, in large to the creation of the progress coaches available to all students. There have been over 450 appointments this year, with progress coaches offering advice and support to those who have needed it. Asides from this there have been a series of interventions, whereby coaches have reached out to students who were bordering between grade classifications, to see what can be done to make the jump into the next classification. This is all part of the service the progress coaches can provide to the students!

We are very excited to see how this grows next year!

Secondly there has been an increase in training on a number of different areas (first aid & mental health) for staff, we have been doing this in order to be able to provide a more rounded and exceptional service to students that extends outside of the classroom."

(LA) "What are you looking to improve within the faculty?"

(PC) "We are constantly looking to enhance your experience here at FBL, and that includes constant reviewing of programmes & processes that we have operating currently. This includes the development of an FBL 'ChatBot', this programme is designed to provide students with answers to any questions they may have surrounding submissions, plagiarism & allows you to book slots with a progress coach. However we understand it is not perfect and therefore we’re looking for more student feedback on how to improve the system- there will be more information about to how to provide feedback at a later date.

Secondly there is going to be a focus on improving the timetabling process within the faculty. By improving this process we are looking to bring a level of stability to arranging rooms for lectures/seminars, and reducing the amount of changes to your timetables.

We hope all these changes can help our faculty to continue growing from strength to strength, and provide you with the best experience possible." 

Thank you to Paul Cashian for taking the time to meet and answer some questions.



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