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Where to Live in Coventry

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Coventry is a great place to live.  It is really easy to get around, has a good, simple bus system and many of the areas popular with students are in walking distance of Uni.  This also means when you do have to get a taxi they don’t cost too much!  Coventry is generally a safe city but you will need to be sensible and not walk home by yourself in the dark, after a night out so think about that when you are looking at houses as well.

 City Centre – there are places to live in the City Centre which obviously has great advantages.  Not far to walk, close to loads of shops and places to eat and drink.

Hillfields – Hillfields is just around the corner from the University and has lots of student accommodation, including Uni Halls.  Parking can be an issue in Hillfields.  It is hardly worth getting a bus home as it is so close but you can if you want!  Hillfields has its own shopping centre with many ethnic food shops and convenience stores.  Hillfields was traditionally the “red light” district of Coventry (everywhere has one) but don’t let this put you off as lots of work is being done to transform Hillfields image.

 Spon End – is literally on the fringes of the city centre, just outside the famous ring road.  This means it is really close to Uni, just a 10-minute walk. There are a number of “corner shops” which it is always a good idea to use, even if you only buy your milk there, as then your neighbours will get to know who you are and will keep an eye out for you.  There are fewer students here than in other areas.

 Lower Coundon – just outside the city centre and close to a large Morrison’s.  Popular with students and about a 20 minute walks into Uni. Again there are some corner shops and takeaways and it is on the main bus route into Coventry with a choice of buses depending on where you live in Coundon.

 Earlsdon – a really popular area with both Coventry and Warwick students.  Earlsdon is also a place where people, including students, go to in the evening as there are nice pubs and places to eat.  You can walk to Uni from most places in Earlsdon in about 25 minutes.  Three buses from Earlsdon go into town as well. Bonuses for anyone living in Earlsdon are the great shops including lots of charity shops, an organic store and nice cake shops.

 Chapelfields – Very popular with students from both Universities.  Takes around 25 minutes to walk onto campus. There aren’t many shops in Chapelfields but you can walk to Morrison’s (5 mins), Sainsbury’s (10 mins) or into Earlsdon (10 mins).  The bus service is great here a choice of around 8 buses into the city centre.  Parking your car isn’t a problem in Chapelfields.

 Stoke – This is a really popular place to live with Coventry students.  It takes around 25 minutes to walk. It is on main bus routes to the super hospital so there are loads of buses.  Stoke has a main shopping centre which sells everything.

 What about the rest of Coventry? – There are loads of other places including Foleshill, Cheylesmore, Tile Hill, and Radford.  Students live all over Coventry.  These areas are further away and so take longer to get to Uni, taxis will cost more. There is nowhere in Coventry that students don’t live but there may be fewer students in these areas.


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