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A new year a new start!

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Really good looking and amazing people running the best society ever! The dream team ??

Hello Everyone! Welcome (Back) to Coventry! We've had an amazing time getting to meet you all. You were a great bunch and it was incredible how multicultural and diverse everyone was.

It's gonna be hard to beat the incredible turnout we had for societies fair, but we're challenging you all to come down and try! (Bringing a friend will help ??)

I would like to invite you to visit us during the Societies Fair in Coventry, this Thursday(19th) from 11-4 at the HUB. We will also be at Super Sunday Sports and Societies Fair(22nd) from 11-4:30. And if that is not enough, we will also attend the CU Coventry Fair on Wednesday(25th) from 2-4 pm. Make sure to come and say hello!

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