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Phoenix Radio goes mobile!

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Phoenix Radio go live and mobile!

Student Media's radio station 'Phoenix Radio' go mobile!


Phoenix Radio, and a number of its broadcasters and members, had the pleasure of broadcasting live from Coventry Varsity's closing showcase: Netball v Warwick.


Although the radio show has been up and running since the beginning of February, putting on 10-12x shows per week, this was the first time that a show had been broadcast from beyond the walls of the Media Room (The Hub). It allowed Radio Manager Matt Jenkins to test the remote connections of the streaming service, and was happy wiht the results... "It was great to get the equipment out and see if we could have a physical presence as well as an online one. The atmosphere at the Netball fixture was obviously great, being Coventry versus fierce rivals Warwick, and it was a great opportunity to get Student Media involved with that kind of scenario."


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