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Phoenix Radio meet the BBC

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We had the BBC Asian Network come in and do a radio workshop with the Phoenix Radio team. Two female producers from the BBC, who were friendly and supportive, guided us all through group activities to help us become better radio producers and radio presenters. 

As a sociology undergraduate student, I had never done a media workshop before. It was a whole new world for me; which though daunting I enjoyed doing very much. I got a lot out of it! Especially planning your shows, and telling the story, building up teaser moments. I also learned about being relatable to your radio audience. To always have that passion for radio, that will make you stand out from other applicants, who share the same radio dreams of stardom.
It was very helpful for me, as it was lovely to meet two professional female BBC producers from Birmingham, where I come from. It helped prepare me, and what is expected of me with my future  BBC Fierce Women workshops,  with BBC Birmingham next month. 
It prepared me with presenting my very own 
Coventry University Phoenix Radio show.  ' The Kazzie Bazzie Radio Show ' As I remembered some of the useful tips the radio producers gave us, to achieve to be the very best, and to BBC high standard, whilst learning all the ropes and tricks of the trade, for a career in BBC radio broadcasting.
I thoroughly enjoyed it, I got a real buzz from it, and can't wait for the next radio workshop. I recommend attending these radio training workshops, for anyone interested in a career in radio. 

To listen to our shows, click on the link below:


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