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Results from the CUSU Autumn Elections

Find out the results from the Autumn CUSU Elections!

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At exactly 1pm on the 25th of October 2019, Blessed Pepple went on CUSU Phoenix TV (watch here), starting off the announcement sessions with a brief introduction of who he was and went in giving the results of the autumn elections.

These results would bring an end to the era of campaigning, candidates pitching and the whispers of elections that seemed to be everywhere on the campus.

Over the past 3 weeks, candidates had approached numerous people to sell the idea of their mandates, had and it felt so much like being in a scene of The Politician (now showing on Netflix) and the political clime albeit thrilling, was beginning to wear out the student body.

This year, we recorded a high in the number of voters as 1953 students voted in this year’s autumn election across all 5 campuses for 12 roles.


Finally, the reason you opened this post, the results!


NUS National Conference Delegate (Scarborough) – Ben Bonner

NUS National Conference Delegate (London) – Zoya Asad and Haris Aslam Khan

NUS National Conference Delegate (Coventry) – Catarina Cardoso, Rina Ndebe and Aran Singh

Chair of CUSU Council – Rina Ndebe

Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic (BAME) Community Officer – Sharleen Zonke

Disabled Students Community Officer – Elizabeth King

Inter Faith Community Officer – Funmini Aluko

LGBTQ+ Community Officer – Kyle Crompton

Students with Responsibilities Community Officer – Amin Esat

Sustainability Community Officer – Elena Alexandra Miron

Post Graduate Taught Officer – Nanan Yeboah Akoto-Bamfo

President – Augustine Chukwuemeka Nwosu


Many thanks to all that voted, and the staff of CUSU who helped at the voting booths and collation of results. Congratulations to the winners, and all the best in the roles. We look forward to seeing all they have to offer!

To watch the live stream click here ( )


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