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Want Work Experience?

Coming to our meeting today to find out our amazing opportunities within Student Media and only a membership of £5 for the year.

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Join us for a meeting today from 5-6 in Meeting Room 1 to discover the opportunities we have in Student Media this year such as The British Transplant Games and Coventry Varsity as well as our small time opportunities. 

At Student Media, we not only give you work experience that you can add to your CV to increase your employability but we also pay you back for the effort and time you've put in through amazon vouchers! 

With only £5 membership, you gain work experience, access to our equipment, access to cover exclusive and major events, a chance to network and meet other creative minds and go to our socials and trips this year.

Join us now at:

Come to our meeting today in the HUB from 5-6!



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