Welcome Festival as Student Media TV manager

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For me, Freshers Week is always a uniquely surreal experience. As a final year student, I’ve had the perspectives of both someone new to the university and the second year student, watching new Freshers gaze and gasp at what’s in store for them. However for what’ll be my last Freshers at Coventry University, now rebranded as the Welcome Festival, I shared that same kindred spirit as those experiencing it for the first time.

While this year’s Freshers wasn’t my first as a student, it was my first as Student TV Manager of Coventry University’s own Student Media Community and, without brag or bias, it may have just been my best yet. This is because when walking through the various fairs two years ago as a Fresher, albeit one with a bad case of tonsillitis, I was fixated on finding the best deals, places and anything remotely connected with the word “free”. Although since then, I’ve come to know, understand and love Coventry as a city. I’ve been going to, researching and understanding these places not to find a good bargain, but to generate experiences and memories I’ll both remember forever and associate with Coventry.

This understanding led into what excited me about working throughout the Freshers Welcome Festival as the TV Manager. I was able to meet, connect and interview the people behind the brands and companies advertising themselves that day. I was able to understand the passion and dedication these people had not just to their business, but to the students of the University and making them feel peaceful and welcome in the rapid, sometimes overwhelming, space of a city-based University like Coventry.

As a Media & Communications student, this experience became more immersive when attending, recording video and taking photographs of the Nick Grimshaw Q&A panel at Square One. The talk saw him and his producer Travis share wisdom, gossip and advice about working in the creative sector, as the host of one of British culture’s most celebrated radio shows. It was insightful to be able to connect the dots between some of the talk’s topics and my own knowledge of the industry. Upon leaving, I couldn’t help but feel for the first-year students having the opportunity to have the opportunity to connect with such a high-profile guest as Nick Grimshaw – keeping advice that’ll stay with them through this crazy academic journey.

Overall, my first Freshers week as TV Manager felt mesmerising and I can’t wait for what the rest of the year holds.

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