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Could you be our next Musical Theatre Society Committee?

The Students' Union is run by you, the students. Every year, roles within the SU, sports clubs and societies are up for grabs through student elections. Regardless of your expeirence or course, all Coventry University Campus students are eligible to run for a committee role here at Musical Theatre Society. Read through our article to find answers to some of the frequently asked questions, Myth Busters about what joining the committee is and some testimonials from current and ex-committee members about why they joined the committee. As always, if you have any questions or you'd like to get in touch, please just message us via our social media pages or email us directly. 

Myth Busters and FAQ:

What is a committee?

The committee are comprised of society members that want to help the society grow by running it. At MTS, the committee are wholly responsible for the organisation of shows and events, trips (domestic and abroad), socials and rehearsal sessions.

Each society needs a committee to run and there are both mandatory and optional roles to fill to ensure the society can continue to run for multiple years.

Why should I run?

  • Get more involved with your society on a social scale and explore a different side to the society as a committee member compared to being just a cast/crew.
  • An opportunity to give back to your society and help improve it for yourself an future students.
  • Enhance your Professional Development, it looks good on your CV or Linkedln as you improve and earn transferable skills.
  • Become eligible for both committee, society and individual awards that run all-year round here, including, but not limited to Society of the Month, CUSU Leadership Award and the End of Year CUSU Societies Awards.
  • Your university experience is what you make it, this is another way to add to it and get the most out of it.
  • Boost your employability, along with transferrable skills, committee roles are equivalent to working experience which employers love to see as not everyone will have the opportunity to work in a role of this calibre.

How will I balance my role responsibilities with my degree workload?

Your degree is you top priority and both the committee and SU understand and respect that your university workload comes first. However, by working in a committee role, you’ll enhance your time management, organisation and team work skills; these will both prepare you for the working world and help you tackle your university workload.

Committee members have found that your workload is what you make it, the more you take on as a individual, the more work you’ll have. If you communicate with your team, you’ll be able to take on responsibilities and manage your degree.

Working within a committee opens you to a support system whereby you can share and delegate tasks and responsibilities to ensure that you’re not compromising your university or society workload.

Will I still be able to participate in the shows or events?

Yes! Being on and MTS committee allows you to explore the different aspects of show production, theatre and event organisation and whilst you’re a key figure that works behind the scenes, you will be able to still participate in shows -we encourage it!

Can I still run if I have no experience?

You don’t need to have any prior experience to be part of the committee, you’ll receive a role handover from the previous committee, you learn along the way and you get to choose how you operate the society.

We do suggest that if you have experience in acting/directing, singing or dancing that you nominate yourself for the roles on the creative team as they’re slightly more specialised and an experienced hand is always a bonus.

The 3 mandatory roles are more admin based and you will receive training and constant guidance and support from your committee and the Students Union. If you want more information, just ask the committee.

Are societies still going to be operating online?

With everything that has happened in the last year, all society activities have shifted to operating online. Whilst we cannot predict the future or promise anything, we are confident that with the National Lockdown combined with the vaccine rollout, next year will look more like previous years for societies. Societies will continue to follow the university and Government guidelines but we are hopeful.

We encourage students to still join the committee as the possibility of returning to in-person sessions exists but you can still do and learn so much from being a committee member and operating online.

Why have you changed the committee roles this year?

As a committee, you’re allowed to put forth optional roles that you think would be suit and help the society. Based on the experiences of the committee and due to a maximum amount of roles being implemented, we have put forth the roles that we have.

What role should I run for?

If you are interested in a role or aren’t sure of what role you think would best suit you, then drop a committee member a message and they’ll be able to help you figure out what role might be best suited to you.

Will I need to campaign?

Whilst other elected roles within the SU will require a level of campaigning, here at MTS we only require you to have a written manifesto uploaded as part of your nomination. You will be asked to attend a Q&A session within the society where we will ask you questions and you can pitch why you would be a good fit.

Why is having a committee so important?

A society cannot run without a committee, if at a minimum the mandatory roles aren’t fulfilled, the society will go dormant and can be adopted in the future by other students. We understand that 2020-21 hasn’t looked like previous years, but both committee and members have worked so hard to keep it running, that it would be a shame to watch it go dormant.

If you are a returning student, we urge you to consider running for a committee role. We want you to have the opportunity to experience MTS at its full capacity as it has in previous years and that is only possible if people run for the committee roles.

Information about the upcoming election (2020-21):

Committee Roles:
These are the running committee roles for the academic year 2021-22:-

  • President
  • Treasurer and Co-Marketing and Social Media Officer
  • Inclusions Officer
  • Artistic Director
  • Musical Director
  • Choreographer
  • Costume & Set Co-ordinator
  • Technical Director and Co-Marketing and Social Media Officer

The conventional role of Socials Secretary has now been removed and the responsibility of running a social will be divided between the committee members.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • CU (Coventry Campus) student (in the year you’re running and
  • Nominations and Voting only if you’ve paid your society membership
  • 1 role per person

Mandatory Roles:
If these three roles are not filled, the society is unable to operate and will have to go dormant. Once the society is dormant, it can be adopted by students.

  • President
  • Treasurer
  • Inclusions Officer

Important Dates:

15th February 2021: Nominations Open
5th March 2021: Nominations Close
11th March 2021: Q&A Session for candidates
17th-18th March 2021: 24 Hour Voting Period

Outline of the Running Roles:


My role is to ensure the society runs smoothly by supporting members and organising shows/events. I handle the admin side of the society and work closely with the committee, SU and liaise with other external companies. I have responsibilities to fulfil such as paperwork, sponsorships, communications, finance, internal activities and ensuring external appearances are maintained and fulfilled to highest standard possible.


Being the Treasurer means I am in charge of the finances and budgeting for the society. I handle all queries and issues regarding membership, ticketing sales and budgeting plans for the society. I work closely with the President and SU to ensure that the society makes strong financial choices and that we are investing in resources that will improve our shows and the society overall.

Inclusions Officer:

As your inclusions officer, it is my job to listen to and help you manage any issues you experience during your time in MTS. If you have any issues, fallouts, stress, struggles as a result of MTS please inform me and I will help where I can. I work closely with the rest of the admin team to ensure things run smoothly and that everyone feels respected, listened to and valued!

Co-Marketing and Social Media Officers:

As your Co-Marketing Officer our role is to promote the societies events to the public and those outside our society who may be looking to join! We’re in charge of things such as ticket sales and show promotion. We’re work to  show people what fun things we do and what they can get involved in!

Artistic Director:

The Artistic Director for MTS essentially runs all the possible creative endeavors. I’m responsible for writing and directing the showcases, running acting workshops, directing scenes and helping members with any other acting based stuff they might be interested in doing.


As choreographer, I will be running all the dance sessions for you guys! This means composing all dances we’ll cover and then teaching them to the cast. As we will be doing these sessions online, I’ll be aiming to make it as simple and understandable as possible, through various style breakdowns and step-by-step run-throughs.

Musical Director:

As Musical Director, I am chiefly responsible for the musical aspects of the society. I work with the creative team to choose the songs and lead the vocals and instrumental elements for any shows, projects or sessions we have. At time I work with the cast or if we are running a show, the MTS band and I create resources such as rehearsal tracks to help support the musical side.

Costume and Set Co-Ordinator:

I am the Costume and Set Co-Ordinator for the society. My role is to provide costumes for cast members as well as our props and sets for the shows that we put on. I am also part of the creative team which means that I am involved in making creative decisions within the society.

Technical Director:

I am the Technical Director for CU Musical Theatre Society. In my role, I work with the creative team in producing shows. I design and organise the technical elements of our shows, including our crew. I also help with maintaining our equipment and completing risk assessments.

Why I Joined the Committee?

Read through some testimonials from current and ex-committee members about their experience on the committee and what made them want to join.

“I thought it would be fun to work as a team, help involve more freshers and be part of the committee”
-Emily Smith [Artistic Director 2020-21]

“I wanted to create and be part of something outside of my course, which was creative and challenging”
-Holly Gow (Costume & Set Co-Ordinator 2018-20]

“It was a good opportunity to enhance my CV and it acted like an internship for my future career”
-Sophie Buckland [Marketing and Social Media Officer 2020-21]

“It seemed like an interesting opportunity to learn about leadership and a great learning curve”
-Dolam Chung [Creative Assistant 2020-21]

“Joining committee is a great way to enhance your university experience and get the most out of it”
-Sophie Minnis [Costume & Set Co-Ordinator 2020-21]

“I didn’t want MTS to go without a choreographer, I had great ideas for dances and stepping in has been a great experience”
-Natalie Englehart [Choreographer 2020-21]

“Joining the committee was hands down one of my best decisions at uni. I gained so much confidence in both my roles, gained some fantastic friends and I was proud of the achievements accomplished by doing things we hadn’t previously done in the society. Being able to create programmes really helped boost my employability and helped me get a job”
-Sarah Doberska [Costume & Set Co-Ordinator 2017-18 and Artistic Director 2018-19]

“It was good to run for Treasurer as it linked to my course and allowed me to connect with all the different society members”
-Reaha Anderson-Prospere [Treasurer 2020-21]

“I wanted to be someone who was able to drive a positive change”
-Christopher Jepson [Treasurer 2016-17 and President 2017-18/2019-20]

“I had lots of people telling me I should at least run, the committee has been a great experience both socially and professionally”
-Diya Chopra [President 2020-21]

“I thought it would be nice to work in a team to create a fun, friendly and safe environment for the society”
-Lucy Brigid [Inclusions & Socials Officer 2020-21]

“I saw that there was an aspect of the society that I could add value to whilst enjoying myself and furthering my own personal development. Being on the committee also allowed me to expand on my social circles”
-Joshua Lewis-Handley [Technical Director 2019-21]


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