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Parasoc 20/21 Committee

Meet the Parasoc 20/21 Committee!

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Meet Your 20/21 Parasoc Committee!

We're all looking forward to meeting you all over the coming weeks and bringing you some brilliant events this year! 

President: Jemma Westwood 

Vice President: Abbie Stanley 

Treasurer: George Conlan 

Secretary: Lewis Wood 

Inclusions: Hugh Cave 

Social Media Team: Lewis Adams (Lead), Izzy Batey, Abbie Stanley and Chzarei Pacaco 

CPD Team: Paige Dawson-Smith (Lead), Bex Warren, Imogen Fisher, Sophie-Leigh Barratt 

Charity Team: William Harney (Lead), Rachel King, Paige Morden 

Social Events Team: Lewis Wood, Adrienne Hage-Moussa 


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