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Welcome to Photoclub!

Hey there, welcome to Photoclub!


First of all, we would like to say that we understand there is a lot of confusion in regards to the pandemic and how things are going to work and we want to assure you we are going to be working very hard to support you with whatever you may need. We are working towards giving you the fullest Photoclub experience we can, and we hope you choose to join our family! Second of all, congratulations on you’re a-level results and we hope they were what you were expecting. For those returning, we hope you had a great summer and we can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to!

This small article is going to be a small introduction to the society and the new committee. Photoclub is an award-winning society that was created in 2012. We have been teaching photography, doing workshops, bringing in guest speakers, going on trips, and doing many more fun activities since then! Our mission is to give students a safe place to make friends enjoy their time at university while doing something they love. We aim to make our society a home away from home and to help with anything that we can. We know that starting university is an exciting time and that you have many questions. We are here to answer any of them to the best of our abilities on any of our social media or email!


Whether you're just beginning with photography or if you're very experienced, Photoclub will be the perfect place to make friends and have fun with photography! If you enjoy photography, videography, editing, and other aspects of the media world, this is the society for you and we'd love to have you! One of our photo club family traditions is our yearly exhibitions: 'Between these walls'. Due to COVID, last year's exhibition was online, you can check out our member's work in the following link:



Committee Members


Name: Elizabeth M. Hawkins

Position: President

Course: BA Photography

Fun fact: I’m a photographer, gamer, and manga reader 


Name: Marina Garcia

Position: Vice-President

Course: International Disaster Management

Fun Fact: I’m a self-taught photographer from Spain who has lived in Paris, Mumbai, and Ghana


Name: Daphne van Engeland

Position: Marketing Officer

Course: BA Digital Marketing

Fun Fact: I’m from the Netherlands but my last name means “of England” in Dutch


Name: David Adedero

Position: Inclusions Officer

Course: BA Mechanical Engineering

Fun Fact: I started off as a video editor making basketball mixtapes that I found online until I picked up a camera in 2019


Name: Samipya Badge

Position: Treasurer

Course: BA Photography

Fun Fact: I’m a photographer and used to be a professional cricketer



Photoclub welcomes you to Coventry University and we hope you have a great welcome week! If you have any questions for us feel free to contact us, we look forward to seeing you at our taster sessions!


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