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Breast cancer Awareness Month

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Today marks the beginning of breast cancer awareness month. We want to take this opportunity to debunk any myths about breast cancer, as well as singposting you to some important places:

  • Breast cancer is not just for women- men have breast tissue too and so can also develop breast cancer.
  • You do not have to have a family history of breast cancer- most people diagnosed with breast cancer have no family history.
  • Breast cancer may not always cause a noticeable lump, especially when it first develops.
  • Treatment is different for each individual, and so the experience of breast cancer is different for everyone. 
  • Early detection can be key, and so we want to encourage you to check your breasts! Look for any lumps, changes in skin texture, change in colour of breast, rashes or crusting around the nipple, unusual discharge or any pain around the breast.

Check your breasts REGULARLY! Get to know yourself and your body so that you can notice any changes. 

0800 800 6000 (BreastCancerNow)- have breast care nurses to offer support for you or family

0800 800 4040 (Cancer Research)

Visit the NHS website for more information:

Stay safe, 

Psychology Society Committee :)


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