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Become a Equality and Diversity Champion!

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Equality and Diversity Champions 


Are you passionate about equality and diversity? Want to make real change on campus? Want to be part of something huge?

The Equity and Diversity Communities at CUSU are recruiting Equality and Diversity Champions for 2019/20. Equality and Diversity Champions are enthusiastic and passionate volunteers who promote equality and diversity across Coventry University, and encourage a more inclusive society. You will be a real ambassador for inclusivity on campus, and receive lots of tools to help you to do so, including hoodies so students and staff know you’re one of our champions. Our champions will be involved with a HUGE range of events on campus including Black History Month, LGBT+ History Month, International Womens Day and be involved in campaigns that cover a range of issues including period poverty, mental health, hate crime and so much more.

Our champions will also have the freedom to develop their own E&D initiatives, supported by our E&D Student Communities. So if you have amazing ideas, this is the place to make them happen! 

Your role will include:

  • Developing and promoting equity and diversity campaigns and projects for students groups including LGBTQIA+, BAME Students, Disabled Students, Women Students, Students with Responsibilities and Self-Supporting Students.
  • Collaborating and networking with businesses and organisations including charities and the local community, as well as Coventry City Council and Business Improvement District. 
  • Running events and training across the university and beyond. 

Hours Per Week


Training Available

You will be given training that covers various areas of equity and diversity, as well as the chance to attend national training and conferences. You will also recieve training that will allow you to develop your skills such as facilitation and event management to be able to deliver events and CUSU training across the university. 


On Campus and across Coventry.

Benefits To Self

As an Equity and Diversity Champion you will gain a range of skills and valuable experience to boost your employability. You will also be eligible for a CUSU leadership award. You will have the opportunity to undertake tasks that link to your course and interests. You become a member of the CUSU Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee and will receive Equality and Diversity merchandise as well as the opportunity to expand your network. 

Benefits To Others

You will be developing a safe, inclusive and enjoyable space for the whole student community, where everyone is able to thrive and achieve. Not only will your work benefit students at Coventry University, but also the local community and wider society.

To register your interest in the position and find out more, please fill in our short survey here and we will be in touch. 


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