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Support for Commuter Students

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Both the Government and universities should do more to support students who live off campus and commute to study, according to a report by the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI).

The report Homeward Bound: Defining, understanding and aiding 'commuter students' found that commuter students at universities in the UK are a group which are often misunderstood and under-represented.

As well as facing the challenges of high travel costs, they also have different needs than residential students and there is a worry that these students are not often considered in policy making or assessment metrics. 

The report made suggestions including some practical recommendation such as:

  • Adapting induction
  • Re-organising timetables
  • Creating online support communities for commuter students
  • Re-thinking the use of their space and improving facilities aimed at commuter students

CUSU is committed to improving life at university for commuter students and the Students with Responsibilities community are busy devising various ways to give commuter students a greater sense of belonging at Coventry University.

We would love to improve your experience, to help us achieve this, you can fill in our Commuter Student Survey to help us gather information that CUSU will use to formulate improvement plans.  For the purpose of this survey, the definition of a commuter student is a student that lives off campus with family, a partner, friends, a caregiver or alone and requires public or personal transportation to get to University.

You can fill out the survey here:


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