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Supporting Carers Week 2020

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Supporting Carers Week 2020
Amin Esat - Students with Responsibilities Community Officer. 


Monday the eighth of June marked the beginning of Carers Week, the annual campaign designed to increase awareness of the role of carers in our community. A carer is anyone, old or young who provides vital care and support, unpaid, to family and friends due to age, disability, physical illness or mental health issue.

The duties of a carer can vary from person to person, some take a few hours a week to care for an elderly relative with tasks such as shopping and cleaning. Others help round the clock with everyday tasks such as eating, washing and dressing. This is often alongside the carer’s own responsibilities such as education and employment.

In light of the recent Corona Virus pandemic, there has not only been a 4.5 million increase in the number of carers in the UK, but an increased focus on the efforts undertaken by this vital, yet often underacknowledged  figure in our community. This includes the attention of Government, the NHS, local authorities and wider social community. 

We're here to help

At Coventry University Students Union we recognise that our members share a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences and we are committed to providing the right support to the people that need it. As Students with Responsibilities Community Officer I am responsible for representing and advocating on behalf of all parents, carers, commuter students and mature students within the university. I am passionate about making sure your views are heard, and ensuring support and changes are made where they need to be. 

We know that during this time, your responsibilities may have increased. If you would like any support or guidance or to let us know if there’s anything more you would like to see, please email .



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