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10 Top Tips to Protect Yourself against Identify Fraud

Someone holding a red credit card looking at a computer monitor with an online shopping site
  • Create strong passwords, be careful where you store them and do not share them with others;
  • Be smart about updating passwords;
  • Check your credit report and go over it carefully to see if any accounts have been opened in your name or any debts have accrued;
  • Review your bank and credit card statements every month, perhaps set up a fraud alert; 
  • Let your bank know when you are going on holiday; 
  • Do not overshare on social media, remove personal data such as date of birth, email address and pets names. Make sure you use two-step verification on accounts if this is available;
  • Shield your computer, download firewalls and virus protection software;
  • Many scammers "Phish" by sending out emails inviting you in. Do not respond. They might pretend to be the University, Student Finance England, your bank for example. If you are not sure, find the organisation's contact details only and phone them up to ask if they have sent you an email. 
  • Safeguard any personal identification cards and your student ID card;
  • Be careful what you throw away as it may have information a scammer can use. Any personal information which contains bank or credit card details should be shredded and not put into the bin or recycled.

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