Meet Your new Student Safety Chair!


A little bit about me ...

Hi, my name is Bradley Langer and I am a final year student studying Economics. I am originally from East London and also president of the Jewish Society.

So why was I keen on the role?

I was interested in this role as safety is often stated as the number one priority for students outside of their education and it is vital to having a great student experience.  Students should be able to live, travel and go out through Coventry without fear of attack or harassment.  I have seen first hand the effects this can have on students and so will work not just on preventing and improving safety but also on supporting victims.

My top three prioritises for the upcoming year ...


#1 Combating drugs and drug dealers

Drug dealers are operating openly throughout Coventry and this is having a serious affect on the lives of students. This is why I intend to work closely with charities and our Campus Police Officer to try and combat this issue and ensure students are well supported.

#2 Lead a campaign against all forms of hate crime

In 2017/18, there were 94,098 hate crime offences recorded by the police in England and Wales, an increase of 17% compared with the previous year. I want to address this here in Coventry by partnering with relevant groups such as the SU Advice Centre and engaging more with students. It's important to me that all students feel safe and comfortable in Coventry without fear of being unfairly discriminated against.

#3 Ensuring the mental wellbeing of all students affected by crime

I would like to work closely with the Wellbeing and Mental Health Community Officer to ensure students who have been affected by crime get the support they vitally need.


I hope to accomplish many great achievements over the year and make Coventry the best possible city it can be!




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