Student Survey on Religion, Belief & Hate Incidents


A team from the Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations and the Students’ Union is leading a project to discover how best to safeguard students from religion-related hate crime and they would like as many of you as possible to take part in it. The student survey on hate incidents, religion and belief has been funded by the Office for Students and we want to know what you think about religion-related hate incidents and whether you’ve ever witnessed or experienced religion-related hatred?


We need you!

Responses are needed from students of all religions and none, and from those of you who haven’t seen or experienced hate incidents, as well as those who have. To get a better understanding of this, we need you to be involved and so if you could spare a few moments, you can take complete the survey by going to:


Reporting harassment & hate incidents

Did you know that you can report harassment/hate incidents online in confidence? Please click on the link to find out more:


Bystander Module

Currently there is an online bystander module on Moodle which cn be accessed by clicking here. This module will help you to recognise incidents and intervene if it is safe to do so. If you are asked for a key code please use: bystander01


Many thanks for your help,

Ian Dunn



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