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New Commitment to Supporting Care Leavers

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What is the Care Leavers Covenant?

The Covenant is a promise made by private, public or voluntary organisations to provide support for care leavers aged 16-25. We support the principles of the care leavers covenant which are:

  • That all parts of society have a responsibility to help Care leavers to avoid poor outcomes and make a successful transition to adulthood
  • That action to support Care leavers should be in their best interests, promote their health and well-being and secure the best possible outcomes for them.

We are thrilled that Coventry University has pledged it’s support to the covenant, with advice and input from our Self-Supporting Students Community, and has committed to providing various support including:

  • Supporting the Students Union to continue to provide opportunities and experiences for care leavers
  • Bursaries for University-owned accommodation to Care leavers.
  • Access to 52-week accommodation if required.

You can read Coventry University’s commitment to the covenant by clicking here.

In response to the news about the Care Leavers Covenant, Self-Supporting Students Officer, Robert Alego said the following:

‘As self-supporting officer, I am proud to have worked alongside the Equity and Diversity team at CUSU in shaping change for new and existing care leavers and other self-supporting groups. Amazing work’ Robert Alego, Self-Supporting Students Officer

Accomdation Support: 

The university is also able to offer free accomdation for 10 students who are care experienced. You can read more about this by clicking here. 


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