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Volunteer to be an E-Mentor!

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The Mullany Fund are a social mobility organisation based at Swansea University that run a Lottery funded e-Mentoring programme for young people to provide them with support on their studies and future career paths. The focus is on those with an interest in life sciences. They are a widening access charity so prioritise students from less advantaged backgrounds. Students joining the scheme are from South Wales.

The Mullany Fund are currently trying to recruit more volunteer mentors, with specialisms across life sciences, to support their students.  

If you are interested in supporting a young person, who might not be able to obtain support elsewhere, to reach their career goal, please do sign up to their next e-Mentoring session as a volunteer!  

The next session runs from 27th January-3rd April which will be open to all year groups from year 9.
When you sign up via the registration form, you will be given the options of mentoring across three speciality areas. We try and match these as closely as possible with the interests of the students who sign up, although you should be aware that sometimes students enrolled are at the point where they just need help to decide what they would like to do in the future. We hope you can mentor up to three students, but just let us know if you would like fewer students and we will ensure that, if you are matched, you are allocated only the number you agree to.

Although this is a voluntary position we would very much hope that mentors could gain from the skills that they learn through their involvement which might contribute to their continuing professional development. You will need a DBS  which is three years in date for the end of the session ( ie latest acceptable be 3rd April, 2017), but if you don’t have one you can apply through The Mullany Fund, and they will cover the costs  (instructions on how to do this will appear once registered).

You can sign up by clicking here!

You can also find out more about being a mentor, here!


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