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Volunteering Fair – a great success

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This year’s Volunteering Fair, which took place on 16 October, showed once again just how caring and willing to help others students at Coventry University are.

The fair was part of the annual ‘Get Involved Week’ and students were encouraged to go to meet representatives from 40 charities who were looking for volunteers. 

Every year, students can talk representatives from the organisations that attend and find out if the skills they offer are the kind of skills the charities are looking for.  Organisations represented ranged from community groups to national charities and there was something that catered for most tastes and opportunities.

It is a well-known fact that students who volunteer during their time at University, get more than just experience out of it. It is not just an ideal way to help others, at a time when charities are feeling the pinch and rely on unpaid labour, but the students get a sense of belonging and a community spirit that only volunteering can give them.

During the fair, 560 students came through the doors and applied for over 1800 opportunities to volunteer.

The fair was just one part of Get Involved Week which is a showcase for the volunteering team to attract new students. There is no long term commitment, as projects can be a couple of hours or several hours, depending on what is needed.

For some students, volunteering is already a way of life as they have previous experience in their local home community and volunteering while at University is just an extension of the good work they have already been doing.

The organisations who benefit from having student volunteers have nothing but praise for them and the team regularly receive positive feedback from satisfied customers.

Young volunteers have a set of skills that are needed for struggling charities which includes: social media, marketing and website design to name but a few.

Students also benefit from being with experienced professionals in a working environment as it will be of great use to them when they are applying for jobs after they graduate.

Volunteering is an excellent way to get the experience that employers are looking for and that is why Coventry graduates are sought after because of their work ethic in wanting to help others and managing to do this alongside their studies.

Coventry University has and ongoing commitment to charitable organisations with hundreds of undergraduate and postgraduate students regularly volunteering with charities and community organisations each academic year.

Last year, we were amazed by the numbers of students who took part in Get Involved Week and if the sign-ups at the volunteering fair is anything to go by, this year looks to be even better.

Thank you to all the students who took part in the week and who pledged their support at the Volunteering Fair and the team looks forward to seeing you at other events throughout the year.

If you would like to volunteer, then please visit the volunteering pages on the CUSU website:



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