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Student Action for Refugees (STAR) Get Involved!

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STAR Society has been newly adopt and we would love for you to be involved!

What is STAR?

STAR, Student Action for Refugees is a CUSU Society that aims to work alongside the national charity STAR and a network of 26,000 students around the nation to make a difference by welcoming and supporting refugees and refugees based projects. We also want to help educate and offer a new perspective to members about political and social climates in other countries. 

How to get involved!

By purchasing a membership or I'm interested you can contact us on our email and social media to engage with us and look out for emails too. The society gives you the opportunity to campaign, fundraise, educate and volunteer for refugees locally and nationally. This includes action-packed weeks partaking in  Refugee Week, and other exciting opportunities. 

We are still ensuring we offer an exciting and engaging experience virtually too!   





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