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CU Coventry - Union Advice Outreach

The Students’ Union Advice Centre is coming to you. You will have the opportunity to speak with one our friendly and fully trained advisors in at Mile Lane. Find out where and when you can speak with an advisor about any issue you are experiencing at University.

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What is a CUSU Advice Outreach session?

The Students’ Union Advice Centre is coming to CU Coventry, so you have the opportunity to speak with one our friendly and fully trained advisors at the Mile Lane Campus. The outreach sessions will be a combination of private and confidential appointments and drop-in sessions where you can turn up without a booking.

When and where will the different CUSU Advice Outreach sessions take place?

The outreach sessions will be taking at Mile Lane specifically for CU Coventry students and our advisors will be in ML243 every Friday from Friday 8th July to Friday 12th August.

Each Friday during these 6 weeks there will be a drop-in session between 11am and 12pm which you can attend without pre-booking and then there will be bookable appointments available between 1pm and 3pm. You can book one of the private appointments online using our booking system and selecting a CU Coventry Student Appointment.

Who will I be speaking to during a CUSU Advice Outreach advice session?

One of the Students’ Union Advice Centre Advisors will be available to provide practical advice and support to help you to resolve the issues you may be concerned about or advise you about the options that may be available.

What can I expect if I contact you?

The SU Advisor will listen to your concerns in the strictest confidence and in a non-judgemental way will discuss the options available to you to resolve your concerns.

The service is free and confidential so the advisor will not disclose any details discussed during the meeting, with any third parties (including the University) unless you have given your written consent to do so.

What specific issues can I get help to resolve at a CUSU Advice Outreach session?

Advisors can advise / support you with the following;

  • Academic Misconduct
  • Academic Appeals
  • Complaints
  • Housing
  • Student Finance
  • Financial Hardship

Is there anything else I can talk to you about during a CUSU Advice Outreach session?

If there’s an issue you are struggling with not listed, then don’t worry, you can still talk with one of our advisors who may be able to help you or tell you about the person or service who can help.

Can I get legal advice at a CUSU Advice Outreach session?

SU Advisors are unable to provide legal advice because that is outside the scope of their role and they are not insured to do so.

However, they can provide practical advice and support to help you resolve your issue and if legal advice is required to enable you to do that, then they can support you to access legal advice services within your local area.

What practical support can you provide at a CUSU Advice Outreach session?

There are a range of practical measures an SU Advisor can take to support you.

For example, they can help you to complete online forms, review a housing contract prior to signing and with your consent, they can contact a third party on your behalf (e.g. landlord) during the meeting to discuss any concerns you may have about your accommodation.

Can I talk to an advisor about wellbeing / mental health issues during a CUSU Advice Outreach session?

CUSU Advisors are able to listen to your concerns but please note they are not trained counsellors so they may need to make a referral to the University’s Health and Wellbeing Service. Read more about the Health and Wellbeing Service.

Do SU Advisors record any information about the meeting?

Drop-in Sessions: We take brief details for statistical purposes with no identifying information. If you’d like to find out more, you can access our full confidentiality policy here:

Casework Sessions: The advisor will take details required to enable them to support you to resolve your issue.

Please note CUSU's Advice Centre have a student safeguarding policy and in certain circumstances, if an advisor is concerned about a student’s wellbeing they may have to report a ‘safeguarding concern’. In the event an advisor would need to report a safeguarding concern, they will advise you before doing so. 

How can I book an appointment?

Booking an appointment is easy! All you need to do is access our online booking system and select the CU Coventry Student Appointment option. You’ll then be shown the available dates and times we have appointments available.

What if I need help before there’s an advisor at Mile Lane?

If you have a question or need help before one of our advisors are at Mile Lane, all you need to do is submit an online enquiry form and one of the advice team will be in contact with you within 5 working days. Please provide as much information and any relevant attachments in the form.


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