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2019/20 Sustainability Skills Report

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We are excited to share that SOS UK have now published the results from last year's Sustainability Skills Report! The feedback from students all across the Country goes to show how strongly students feel about sustainability.


Click here to read the full report!



Key Changes

Key changes that SOS-UK have highlighted compared to the previous year of the research include:


  • How seriously the university takes environmental and global developmental issues is reported to be a factor influencing their choice of place to study by 52%, up from 45% in 2018-19


  • 65% say sustainable development is something they would like to learn more about compared with 59% in 2018-19


  • 91% say they agree their place of study should actively incorporate and promote sustainable development compared to 88% in 2018-19


  • 79% recognise the positive action their place of study is taking to address negative impacts on the environment and society compared to 74% in 2018-19


  • 73% say the chance to work in an organisation / company that makes a difference to environmental and social issues is a factor they’ll consider when applying for jobs, compared to 69% in 2018-19


  • 77% say they’re willing to accept an annual salary sacrifice of £1,000 to work in a company with a positive environmental and social record, compared with 75% in 2018-19




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