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Sustainability Week: Meat Free Monday

Did you know this week is Sustainability Week? Our CUSU Sustainability Champions will be highlighting the simple steps we can all take to live more sustainable lifestyles with a range of challenges, live streams, quizzes and more! Today Jesse is kicking off the week and he will be telling us more about the Meat Free Monday challenge! Follow @cususustainability on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on what's happening from October 26th - 30th.


The movement aimed to combat climate change

“Yes…One day makes a world of difference!”- Paul McCartney


What is ‘Meat Free Monday’

Meat Free Monday is a project aimed to encourage young people to reduce their meat and fish consumption while encouraging people to make healthier food choices.  This should lead to you adopting a responsible attitude to saving the planet. ? This initiative is part of a wider global movement encouraging people to put a halt on climate change by reducing their usual meat consumption.  


Personal benefits of Meat Free Monday 

  • A chance to change and expand your food palate?

  • A chance to introduce yourself to cultural foods you wouldn’t usually try on a daily basis  ?

  • It will be a good change for your health ?

  • Plenty of recipes for you to keep on high rotation ?

  • Financial benefits as fruits and veggies are usally far cheaper!

  • This challenge presents an opportunity for growth and progress as you try and combat your urge to eat meat. Mind over Matter. 


Why go Meatless this Monday? 

  • A significant percentage of greenhouse gas emissions is caused by animal agriculture. 91% of Amazon destruction is caused by animal agriculture ?

  • You’re essentially helping to save the planet and your future by helping to avoid the catastrophes climate change can cause ?

  • It can reduce your carbon footprint and preserve vital resources e.g. water and fossil fuels?

  •  How hard is one day? ?Admittedly it is not easy for everyone to adopt this lifestyle permanately but even trying 1 day a week or every once in a while makes a difference! 


What Can I do? 

  • Post a pic of your meatless meal and tag us @CUSUsustainability on Facebook and/or Instagram. ?

  • If you have created your own unique meal then feel free to mention what your recipe was.?

  • Tell us the steps you took throughout the cooking process. E.g. how long it took, quantity of food used etc.?

  • Think of ways you can cook this meal as sustainably as possible. E.g. Shopping locally, reducing food waste even purchasing foods that are in season. 


The Affect this concept will have on the Planet 

  •  Eating less meat can help slow deforestation. One hectare of Amazon rainforest is lost to cattle ranchers every 18 seconds. ?

  • Improves the environments natural production.?

  • Less meat can help to ensure world food security and feed the world's hungry.?

  • A recent report in the medical journal The Lancet concluded that if we cut our meat consumption by 30% in the UK 18,000 fewer people would die prematurely from heart attacks each year: a reduction of 17%.


Thank you, now lets help save our planet 

Click on the links below for more info on the purpose of meat free Monday and some of the vegan meals you can cook at home:



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