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Current location: Coventry

Meet your New Sustainability Officer!


A little bit about me...

My name is Mbundire Kampesi (MK for short) and I have recently been elected as Officer for the Sustainability Community. At the moment I am in my final year of studying Combined Engineering and I'm hoping to pursue a career in engineering after graduating. My friends often view me as a reliable, professional, and friendly character so I am hopeful that these qualities will help me in my new role.

Why was I interested in the role?

Sustainability is a very broad area and one that I think is too important to be ignored. I feel it is essential that all University Students are made aware of existing issues and the need for us to do more to try and move towards creating a more sustainable world. This is what motivated me to run for this role as I want to be at the forefront of engaging and educating students on this.

Top 3 priorities for the year...

#1 Support sports clubs, societies, and communities in running their activities more sustainably.
#2 Improve student engagement and awareness of sustainability matters on campus.
#3 Work with CUSU and the University to better promote existing sustainability projects and activities to students.