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What is CUSU Sustainability?

A stand at our Green Fair 2019

CUSU Sustainability is all about making it easier to be greener and raising the profile of environmental issues locally and nationally.

Our work ranges from simple day-to-day tips to conferences and events, lobbying the University, working with the local council, and more, all centred around the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We were rewarded for our work with a Green Impact Award, let's take a look at some of what we achieved...

Climate Emergency

Coventry and Warwick students came together to run our first ever Climate Emergency event. We brought together a diverse group of speakers, and attendees got the chance to put questions to our expert panellists. The event was a great way to meet like-minded individuals, find new perspectives on green issues and most importantly find out how they as individuals can take action!

Sustainability Champions

Following the huge success of that event, we recruited an enthusiastic team of Sustainability Champions. This team took part in World Clean Up Day, Green Week, The Big Green Fair and supported EXP, an environmental student group, to obtain funding from the Coventry City of Culture grant scheme to run their community based climate education project.

Responsible Futures

To help structure our sustainability work with students, we partnered with the University and SOS UK to take part in the Responsible Futures and Green Impact programmes. These programmes help our work to embed sustainability in every aspect of student learning. Thanks to these programmes we:

  • Delivering training to students to empower them to bring about the sustainable changes they want to see.
  • Grew our annual Green Week Campaign (every March) to offer our widest selection of activities to date including community volunteering, the Big Green Fair, film screenings, upcycling workshops and so much more!

We were so proud to be awarded the Responsible Futures accreditation again last year as a result of all the great work our students and staff team have put in! We want to continue to expand our sustainability work and we want you to be a part of it.

Join CUSU Sustainability here, or to find out more email You can also follow us on Facebook or Instagram.


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