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Taekwondo performs amazingly during the first BUCS Taekwondo Championships of the season

The Taekwondo Team participated to the BUCS Autumn Championships at St. Mary's University in London, on 5th December, and returned with two medals (gold and bronze) and lots of fun memories.

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For the Taekwondo Club, the 5th of December 2021 was such a great day!

On this day we have participated to the BUCS Student National Taekwondo Autumn Championships, at St Mary's University, London, the first event of this scale after such a long period of break caused by the pandemic.

Our team performed very well, out of five people competing in the day, two sparring A class competitors returned with medals:

 Aya Al Masri – Gold

 Hiu Fung Wong – Bronze


Despite not being formally awarded, the rest of the team (Farazali Merchant, Alfie Walker, Hiu Wong – Gloria) had amazing performances, their matches being an inspiration for further improvement for the rest of the team.

Apart from the competitors, we had great support from other members of our team, Sang Tae (who volunteered during the event on behalf of our team), Miguel, Kenric, and the friends from other universities. We also had an amazing photographer, Catarina Seixas, who was there to capture every single moment. If you haven’t seen the pictures already, check them on

Instagram: @cu_taekwondo; @seixasphotograpgy

Facebook: Coventry University Taekwondo Club


Many thanks to Amy, Rob, Elvis, and Nicole for supporting us throughout the event with every single query and for being so patient with us!



We are really proud of every single person from our team, and we are so much looking forward to participating to the next BUCS Championships on the 20th of February 2022!


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