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Student Volunteering Week 2020 - Round up!

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The National Student Volunteering Week Logo for 2020

Student Volunteering Week!

"What is Student Volunteering Week?"

"Entering its 19th year, Student Volunteering Week aims to celebrate the impact of student volunteers and encourage students to engage in civic life. Student Hubs and the National Union of Students (NUS) are supporting the Student Volunteering Network (SVN) to deliver the campaign."

Basically, a week to celebrate the amazing students who use their limited spare time for the benefit of others. A great deed that can help the community, peer and importantly oneself; from gaining skills and responsibilities, meeting new people all whilst providing opportunities to gain a sense of purpose, direction and personal growth.



"What did the Coventry University Students' Union get up to for this week?"

Last year, we challenged our students to log 1,000 hours of volunteering within the week - this included volunteering completed through other departments and through our collaboration with local charities and social enterprises. We smashed the target with an impressive 1,963 hours!! 

This year, we decided we wanted to try and jam pack the week with as many of our amazing Make A Difference Days (MADDS) as possible. MADDS are one-off volunteering opportunities, with just a couple of clicks, any student or staff can sign up to take on a set amount of hours alongside others. Together this team will tackle one of our local charities needs. We provide all the expenses, transportation and organisation, all students need to do is meet up for the transport and have a great day making that difference!


"So what exactly did we get up to?"

Monday 10th, Wellbeing Walk!

On Monday we invited staff and students to come along and take part in a Wellbeing Walk, the short walk led the group from the Hub, through the Cathedral, past Godiva Statue, through the Transport Museum and then back through the Cathedral Ruins back to the Hub.


Tuesday 11th, Chat Central + Zoe's Place - Craft Morning!

Tuesday we split ourselves into three different activities! The first being our collaboration with the local volunteering group Chat Central, who helps connect the local community and members suffering with isolation and loneliness by joining in with activities. Together with student volunteers, we assisted in creating fundraising activity sheets for Zoe's Place as well as creating cards for Post Pals!

Getting Crafty!Getting together with the local community!


Tuesday 11th, Myton Hospice - Super Sorters!

Up next we had our Super Sorters sent out to Myton Hospice's Distribution Centre, at which, volunteers help go through the massive amounts of donations and help the centre prepare these for their shops. 

Sorting through the massive amounts of donationsBFFs


Tuesday 11th, Good Gym - Weekly Run!

In the evening we invited students and staff to join in with Good Gym, a national volunteering and wellbeing group who meet once a week to run to, take part in an activity and then return to the starting point. Good Gym also organises their own activities at weekends and are always looking out for new members! The team offers amazing opportunities and a system that rewards volunteers for their participation by hitting milestones as members.


Wednesday 12th, Park Service Rangers - Alleseley Castle Mound!

On Wednesday, students took part in a conservation opportunity. Assisting the Park Service Rangers with their work at Alleseley Castle Mound. After a brief, briefing, volunteers were tasked in using a range of machinery and tools to clear out a part of overgrown shrubbery and trees, thus helping create a space for more wildlife.

The team getting to grips with the tools!A selfie with the team!


Thursday 13th, 5 Acre Farms - Community Farming!

On Thursday, we took students to 5 Acres Community Farm an organic vegetable farm - volunteers helped with the spring jobs needed to keep the farm operational. Tilling, planting seeds and assisting with sorting of the produce that goes to helping members of the Coventry and Warwickshire areas. 

Sorting through produceA great team prepared for the weather!


Friday 14th, Warwickshire Wildlife Trust - Conservation Work!

On Friday we split into two teams; the first team helped out with Warwickshire Wildlife Trust - clearing shrubbery, debris and more from wildlife areas. The group also assisted with planting hedgerows and fences, this work is fundamental to maintaining the peace between the areas of wildlife and domesticated livestock. Even a small team of volunteers in this line of work can exponentially help the Wildlife Team as much of the work needs to be carried out by multiple people. 

Volunteers creating new fencesVolunteers making new-e friends!


Friday 14th, Coventry & Warwick Volunteers - John White Community Centre!

The other team was assisted by the great team over at Warwick Volunteers in redecorating the John White Community Centre. The centre is a community hub, offering space for a disadvantaged area of Coventry. The centre was in desperate need of new paint in the large sports hall and our collaboration project meant that we had over 20 volunteers for several hours to fix this issue! Within a few hours, the centre was looking revitalised... Much like many of the T-shirts worn to protect the clothing of our volunteers!

A great team effort!Next event for varsity?


Wrap Up!

A short video just to say thank you to all the volunteers and coordinators who helped make the week amazing!





Monday, 10th February

11am - 12noon

SVW - Well Being Walks

Tuesday, 11th February 

12noon - 3pm

SVW - Myton Hospice Distribution Centre

Tuesday, 11th February 

11am - 1pm

SVW - Let's Talk about Volunteering with Chat Central / Zoe's Place Baby Hospice

Tuesday, 11th February 

6.15pm - 7.15pm

SVW - Good Gym

Wednesday, 12th February 

10.30am - 3pm

SVW - Park Service Rangers - Alleseley Castle Mound

Thursday, 13th February 

11.30 - 3.30pm

SVW - Five Acre Farms

Friday,14th February 

10.30am - 3pm

SVW - Warwickshire Wildlife Trust

Friday, 14th February 

12.30pm - 4.30pm

SVW - John White Community Centre

Sunday, 16th February

10.30am - 2pm

SVW - Lake View Park



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